Founded by Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna, the Innovative Genomics Institute is using genome engineering to solve humanity’s greatest problems in health, climate, and sustainable agriculture.

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We're excited to announce a new partnership between the IGI and @CGIAR – together we will use the latest advances in #CRISPR and genomic science to help reduce poverty, hunger, and malnutrition in low- and middle-income countries
Read or stream this short segment to learn about IGI researcher @pcronald's crucial work on making ice that can survive flooding 🍚🌊⬇️ Here & Now @hereandnowIncreased flooding in Southeast Asia limits crop production for important foods like rice. A new type of flood-resistant rice has already reached more than 6 million subsistence farmers in India and Bangladesh.
*Tomorrow* at 10 am PST: come to this Zoom talk by @Nitzan_T to learn about novel bacterial defense systems that use nucleotide manipulation to stop phage infection 🦠 :
What exactly is a clinical trial? How do they work? How can I find one? ➡️ Learn the answers to these questions and more on our page for patients and families:
*One week left to apply!* IGI is offering a fantastic new opportunity for @UCBerkeley & @UCSF researchers – get funded as PI on new projects to accelerate the treatment & prevention of human disease through novel drug targets! Learn more & apply here: