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Nice audio update on not-yet-successful efforts to edit sperm and the implications of this work. Listen to our own @UrnovFyodor weigh in on this (non-IGI) project. Full story at 8:19 here: First @UpFirstResearchers are trying to come up with a new way to cure a genetic disorder. They want to edit the DNA in human sperm. NPR’s @robsteinnews has been following the story. 🔊
IGI's @UrnovFyodor in conversation with physicist & Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter at Stochastic Lab's Reclaiming the Future this past Saturday. Great minds & great ideas💡!
Great new work from @igisci researcher @MartinUCSF--pioneering #CRISPR screens in iPSC-derived neurons 🧫. A step forward for studying the genetics of brain disease 🧬🧠! UC San Francisco @UCSFObtaining human brain tissue is a challenge that has long slowed efforts to research diseases like Alzheimer's. A new study shows how researchers in the lab of @MartinUCSF used a form of CRISPR invented at UCSF to modify human neurons grown in the lab.
ICYMI: We're #hiring a protein specialist 🧪 to work with us in Berkeley! Apply by 9/5. Innovative Genomics Institute @igisciWe're #hiring a protein engineering👩‍🔬🧫 & purification 🧪specialist to come work with us here in Berkeley! More info & application here: