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The IGI will accelerate genome discovery and translation of resulting technologies in order to ethically and equitably improve human health and sustainable agriculture.

We are an academic partnership between UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco that supports collaborative research projects across the Bay Area. Learn More >

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A few great moments in today's fireside chat between Jennifer Doudna and Ron Vale of @UCSF ⬇️ Dr. Doudna on seeing the first evidence that CRISPR-Cas9 was working: "On the one hand, it's the simplest experiment. But for us it was kind of a transformative result."
Last month, we hosted Life 2.0: The Challenge and Promise of a CRISPR Path to a Sustainable Planet with @theNASciences. Now, you can watch the talks on gene drives, editing farm animals, environmental concerns in editing, germline editing, and more!
On Wednesday, we had a blast hosting a #scicomm workshop for our members, run by @TyFordFever! Participants practiced de-jargonizing a paper abstract, talking with a journalist, coming up with science metaphors, and more.
Welcome, Nomura lab! Happy to have you 😄 Dan Nomura @DanNomuraExcited to move to our new lab space in ⁦⁦@igisci⁩ !! Come visit our lab on the third floor of the Innovative Genomics Institute Building ⁦@UCBerkeley⁩ !
New year, new job? We have *five* open positions at different levels! We're looking for a comms director, a functional genomics postdoc, and three research assistants. More info & application links here: Genomics Institute @igisciDo you know how to fit all the pieces together into a strategic #scicomm plan? We're #hiring a comms director—come work with us! Please RT and tell qualified friends and colleagues. Apply here: