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To develop and deploy genome engineering to cure disease, ensure food security, and sustain the environment for current and future generations.

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The first #CRISPR documentary will premiere at @sxsw! We're delighted that a few featured IGI scientists will help introduce genome editing to the masses. Stay tuned! Dan Rather @DanRatherGene editing tech called #CRISPR could be as transformative as the internet. Allowing humans to control our own evolution. So excited to announce our CRISPR doc film called "Human Nature" will premiere at @sxsw. Please sign up on our website for more info.
Congrats Dr. Zilberman! David, along with @ESPM_Berkeley's Dr. Matthew Potts, are undertaking an exciting IGI project: "Maximizing social, economic, and environmental benefits from genome editing technologies in agriculture" @NatureAtCalCongratulations to Professor David Zilberman, 2019 recipient of the Wolf Prize in Agriculture! The award recognizes his work developing economic models for fundamental problems in agriculture, economics, and policy. #WolfPrize #AgriculturalEconomics
#CRISPR, Reprogrammed: A New Sidekick for the Human Immune System? Cas9 graduates from defending bacteria to safeguarding plant and animal cells in fantastic new work from our Entrepreneurial Fellow Ben Oakes and colleagues. #ProCas9
Final day to apply for our artist-in-residency position with Stochastic Labs! Work alongside a CRISPR scientist and flex your creative muscles. This opportunity comes with Bay Area housing, a monthly stipend, and access to unparalleled resources.
Are you a teacher planning out your lesson plans for the new year? Consider our “Ask a Scientist” program! Video chat with CRISPR scientists to discuss the latest technology. We have engaged with students across 28 countries and counting! @NSTA