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Has your genetic counselor made a big impact on your life? Share your story and nominate someone who's made a difference for the @GenomeMag "Code Talker" award:
Fantastic talk by Dipa Sashital (@dsashital)! Dipa unraveled how spacer identity dictates #CRISPR immune responses. Acquisition and Interference have evolved a delicate balance to optimize these potent defense systems. #IGIseminar
Articles from seven @igisci members in the special #CRISPR issue! Read up on everything from delivery to #genedrives and from screens to reporters ACS Chemical Biology @ChemicalBiologyWhat a great start to a Friday: you can now access our #CRISPR Special Issue! So pleased how this came together. Special thanks to Guest Editor Dr. Choudhary @broadinstitute and all the fantastic authors. Check back at 9 AM for the podcast audio!
The inaugural issue of The CRISPR Journal is online! We can’t wait to dive in. What do you think? The CRISPR Journal @CRISPRjournalWe are ecstatic to reveal the long-awaited debut issue of @CRISPRjournal! Special thanks all our authors, reviewers, and to @monooyee for the spectacular cover art -- we have first dibs but other publishers might want to take note >>
Interested in the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of #GeneEditing applications in agriculture? Apply to the new Postdoc position available with @igisci investigators Matthew Potts and David Zilberman!
Kira Makarova, female geneticist who laid the computational groundwork for the discovery and understanding of #CRISPR protein families #shedidthat #11February