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Lay-friendly and nuanced discussion about the extremely troubling #CRISPR baby news on @KQEDForum this morning. IGI scientists Alex Marson and Fyodor Urnov joined Marcy Darnovsky for a great segment. 🎧 Listen to it here:
Silver lining of the day: Talented high school biology teachers like @willida25 are using the #CRISPR baby news to engage their students in grounded ethical discussions. Bravo! Daniel Williams @willida25@igisci Actually spent a lot of time on today's news in my classes! This was a great conversation starter about the promise/perils of CRISPR-edited babies also the ETHICS of this study -appears to be no relevant medical threat averted like sickle cell or muscular dys -great discussions
Watch Jennifer Doudna combat an army of phages and save the city of Bacterium in "Phage Invaders: A CRISPR Game." Can you beat her score? 🎮
What an exciting symposium of IGI agricultural labs from @UCBerkeley and @ucdavis discussing our progress in #GenomeEditing of over 25 crops. We are all determined to bring important crop advancments to the world. Thanks everyone for coming!