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We have shifted our focus to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have set up a coronavirus testing facility and are pursuing research into new diagnostics, therapeutics, and other topics. Learn More >

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Coming up at *today* at *noon*! IGI Investigators Britt Glaunsinger & @caraebrook are hosting a free, live webcast on how bats host coronavirus, how it jumps to humans, and more! Join here:
How do bats harbor deadly viruses & how do they jump into the human population? How does the coronavirus hijack a human cell? IGI Investigators Britt Glaunsinger & @caraebrook are hosting a free webcast covering bats, #COVID19 & more! Friday at 12 PT:
The IGI condemns the tragic killing of George Floyd — the latest in an epidemic of police violence against Black Americans — as well as police violence against peaceful protestors and journalists.
Get the inside story on our #COVID19 testing, research, & community outreach. Over the coming weeks, meet the staff, scientists, & collaborators powering our efforts. #IGICovidChronicles Today, hear Ariana Hirsh's biggest take-away from working at the #IGICoronaTesting lab.
.@UCDavis IGI Investigator Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar is working on developing a non-GMO method for genome-editing plants. Learn more below! Nature Plants @NaturePlantsNew Brief Communication: "Multiplexed heritable gene editing using RNA viruses and mobile single guide RNAs" "The method reduces the need for tissue culture—a current bottleneck in plant gene editing."