Founded by Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna, the Innovative Genomics Institute is using genome engineering to solve humanity’s greatest problems in health, climate, and sustainable agriculture.

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We're looking for a UC Berkeley student to work with us in creating digital illustrations! #SciArt Learn more and apply here:
"She could see things nobody else could see—and a lot of them just didn’t fit.” ➡️ IGI Microbiology Director @BanfieldJill revolutionized our understanding of the microbial world. Get a peek into the mind behind the science:
We’re co-organizing a free virtual workshop, “The Future of Microbial Biotechnology,” Feb 2–3. Speakers from government, academia & industry will discuss research trends and the regulatory landscape for genetically engineered microbes. Register here:
🧵 🌾 🍚 ⬇️ Eric Roston @erostonLots of discussion in recent memory of how to decarbonize hard-to-decarbonize things, like hydrogen, steel, aviation. There's other big problems tho that still fly under radar, including this: