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To develop and deploy genome engineering to cure disease, ensure food security, and sustain the environment for current and future generations.

We are an academic partnership between UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco that supports collaborative research projects across the Bay Area. Learn More >

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The first IGI Happy Hour is happening in EBB at 4 pm today! 🍺 Drinks are now FREE, non-alcoholic options will be available, and we'll have plenty of of snacks. We also spent an extra 20 min making sure to avoid products with misleading non-GMO labels. 🚫🦋 #FactsNotFear
Happy Birthday, Lawrence Hall! 🎈 Visit for free this Sunday 😄 Berkeley Science @berkeleyscienceThanks for the birthday love! Join us to kick off a year of celebrations this Sunday!
Cool neuro event coming up in July at @UCBerkeley! And it doesn't hurt that they used one of our glossary icons as the basis for their logo design. 😉 Bay Area Molecular Neuroscience Meeting @BAMNM18Registration is NOW OPEN!! Please register at: