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.@skypeascientist is a great outreach opportunity for scientists during shelter-in-place! See more outreach opportunities and other ways to help here: Sofia @maddie_sofiaI really wish programs like @skypescientist existed when I was a kid. I had no idea research could be a career. And the more kids interact with scientists that they can see themselves in, the better science will be. @SarahMackAttack on #NPRShortWave.
Want to learn about the fundamental virology of coronaviruses? #COVID19 Watch "Coronaviruses 101," presented by Britt Glaunsinger (@brittaspen):
Check out this debate from @IQ2US on whether to use #CRISPR to bring extinct species back to life, featuring @geochurch! It's an engrossing watch for anyone, and a great educational resource for high school and college students studying from home:
We're looking for an automated tube decapping instrument for our effort toward #COVID19 clinical testing. Sarstedt makes some good models (see photo), but we're open to any brand. Please email with any leads.
People are eager to help during the #COVID19 crisis, so we're compiling a working doc of ways to support our Bay Area community—including science outreach opportunities! RT and share broadly!
We're floored at the outpouring of support to help us establish clinical #COVID19 testing at @UCBerkeley! We are no longer seeking volunteers. If you filled out our form, we'll contact you if and when there's a role for you. Thanks for your support! 🙏 💪 Innovative Genomics Institute @igisciWe are working as hard as possible to establish clinical #COVID19 testing capability at @UCBerkeley campus. We will update this page often to ask for reagents, equipment, and volunteers: Please RT and share with Bay Area researchers!