Founded by Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna, the Innovative Genomics Institute is using genome engineering to solve humanity’s greatest problems in health, climate, and sustainable agriculture.

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"At some level, we’re all scientists, because being a scientist is about being curious about our natural world. That’s true whether we’re studying black holes or slime molds or working on #CRISPR." More from @doudna_lab in this interview in @nytimes:
IGI researcher Anders Näär has created an inhaled #COVID-19 therapeutic that uses short snippets of synthetic DNA to sop the virus from replicating. Learn more:
Congratulations to @navneetkmatharu, Lin Du & @JRo_Hamilton – IGI's 2022 HS Chau Women in Enterprising Science Fellows! Each is receiving seed funding and mentorship to grow new ventures around promising genomic biotechnologies. Learn more: