Founded by Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna, the Innovative Genomics Institute is using genome engineering to solve humanity’s greatest problems in health, climate, and sustainable agriculture.

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With our partners at Berkeley’s Kavli Center and the Keystone Policy Center, we’ve created a toolkit for societal engagement on gene editing. Find this free resource here: #CRISPR #ethics
DYK the illustrations on our site are free to use for non-commercial purposes? Check out CRISPRpedia’s great images ➡️ We ❤️ seeing our images in use, like in Eric’s presentation (which also has images from our ag review! ➡️ J. Perkins @AllostEricSiteI also got a great mixed bag of responses when asking them about using CRISPR in agriculture vs. using CRISPR to try to reintroduce near extinct species (like the American chestnut) back into the wild. Special shout-out to @igisci for the CRISPRpedia visuals, properly cited.