At the Innovative Genomics Institute, we have shifted our focus to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have set up a coronavirus testing facility and are pursuing research into new diagnostics, therapeutics, and other topics. Learn More >

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"Even with the vaccine being rolled out right now, we are going to have to be very vigilant for quite a while." – IGI researcher @staciakwyman on #COVID19 variants & vaccines San Francisco Chronicle @sfchronicleBay Area public health experts brace for the potentially devastating impact of the new coronavirus variant, labeled L452R, along with several others identified in California and around the world.
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πŸ“£ @UCBerkeley undergrads πŸ“£ Interested in discussing the social & ethical implications of new genetic technologies? Join the Genetics & Ethics DeCal! This course is designed to be interactive, discussion-based, and accessible to students from all majors:
With #COVID19, advances in public health have become more critical than ever. In the latest @MilkenInstitute podcast, Jennifer Doudna chats with host Mike Milken to discuss how fundamental research in academia led to a quick COVID-19 vaccine, and more: