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"How do we make genomic science beneficial to everyone, and not just the few? Everything that I'm involved in today is really to enhance health equity related to genomic science.” Read Vence Bonham's #IGISpeakerSpotlight:
Thanks to Vence Bonham of @genome_gov for giving a great #IGISeminar yesterday! He does fascinating work with the #SickleCell community, researching how to ethically move forward with new genetic treatments for sickle cell disease. He's also #hiring a postdoc and postbaccs!
ICYMI, our story on @BanfieldLab's work on phages with huge genomes: Al-Shayeb @themicrobeguyWe also found that their expanded genomes encode really interesting proteins and RNA elements, including translational machinery & ribosomal proteins, proteins to augment metabolism, CRISPR-Cas systems for inter-viral warfare and more! 🔥♦️◼♦️◻♦️
We're #hiring an Executive Director! We're looking for an experienced, dynamic executive to lead our flock. The ED will create programs and an institutional culture that support our mission to use genome editing for the public good. Learn more:
Thanks to @NKWhiteman for giving a great #IGIseminar on Tuesday! Noah and his lab study how insects handle toxins in the plants they eat. Here, he presented work on horizontal gene transfer of a bacterial toxin-protective gene into insects. 🦠