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Portrait Gallery

Reimagining Women in STEM

In this gallery, women who have made remarkable contributions to STEM fields are placed in famous works by Western artists. By putting scientists in the place of the portrait subjects, we position them as deserving of attention or even revery. These colorful reimaginings are meant to catch the viewer’s eye, compelling them to look more closely and reconsider prior assumptions. 

About the artist

Kaylene Son, a young Korean-American woman with long dark hair, smilingKaylene Son is a second-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley, studying Media Studies and pursuing the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation. Kaylene previously worked in graphic design and illustration positions at Checkr and Indeed, developing branding guidelines and visual mock-ups. Kaylene works with the IGI to create illustrations, with special attention to researchers from underrepresented groups. Learn more about Kaylene here

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