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The IGI is always happy to work with journalists to answer questions about our research and provide expert perspectives on advances and current news in genome editing

IGI researchers have a wide range of expertise, including CRISPR genome editing, delivery, diagnostics, applications of genome editing in human health, climate, and agriculture, as well as the ethics and public impact of genome editing technology. Please get in touch to arrange interviews, speaking opportunities, video shoots, or to check facts and get help developing stories.

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For general inquiries about IGI and our research:

Andy Murdock, IGI Communications Director

For Jennifer Doudna interviews, speaking, and appearances:

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IGI Facts

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IGI History

The IGI formed as the Innovative Genomics Initiative in 2014 through the Li Ka Shing Center for Genetic Engineering, which was created thanks to a generous donation from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, and officially launched at an event on February 4, 2015. Since the beginning, the IGI has been a partnership between the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, San Francisco.

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IGI Leadership

The Innovative Genomics Institute is led by a team of exceptional, forward-thinking scientists, including early CRISPR and genome engineering innovators. They draw on in-depth subject matter knowledge and wide-ranging research experience to guide the overall vision of the IGI and direct its new and ongoing programs.

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DNA is the instruction manual for life. It encodes the fundamental properties of an organism — how it develops, functions, and reproduces. Changing a DNA sequence in a living cell is known as "gene editing or "genome editing." For a long time, this was either impossible or extremely challenging. CRISPR has made this process much easier. Learn more about CRISPR and how it works on our "What is CRISPR?" page.

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Frequently Asked Question

Answers to common questions about CRISPR, genome editing, the IGI, and more.


The master logo is made up of the right-handed helix icon and the Innovative Genomics Institute wordmark. Under certain circumstances, we prefer to simply use the icon on its own instead of the full logo.

For more information on the proper use of our logos, please refer to our Brand Guidelines.

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Photos and Illustrations

Commonly used photos and illustrations are available to download here. For use outside of IGI, photos must be accompanied by an attribution as specified in the download. If there is no specification, please attribute the photo to "Innovative Genomics Institute, UC Berkeley."

Photos of Jennifer Doudna
Jennifer Doudna Photos
Headshot of Brad Ringeisen
Portrait of Brad Ringeisen
Headshot of Mike Botchan
Portrait of Mike Botchan
Portrait of Jill Banfield
Portrait of Jill Banfield
Headshot of Alex Marson
Portrait of Alex Marson
Headshot of Brian Staskawicz
Portrait of Brian Staskawicz
Headshot of Fyodor Urnov
Portrait of Fyodor Urnov
Photos of Melinda Kliegman
Photos of Melinda Kliegman
Headshot of Petros Giannikopoulos
Portrait of Petros Giannikopoulos
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Innovative Genomics Institute Building
Illustration of Cas9
Cas9 Illustration
How CRISPR Works Illustration