Our Staff

Our staff performs day-to-day operations for the IGI, including administrative and research support.


Headshot of Susan Abrahamson

Susan Abrahamson, Ph.D.

Director of Intellectual Property

Pattie Altizio

Pattie Altizio

Executive Assistant to Jennifer Doudna

Lucie Bardet

Lucie Bardet, M.S., M.B.A.

Project Manager

Melanie Leavitt Cantarutti

Melanie Leavitt Cantarutti, M.S.

Chief of Staff

Anaya Crouch

Anaya Crouch

Science Illustrator

Jorge Dinis, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Headshot of Rachel K. Evans

Rachel K. Evans, D.Mus.

Project Policy Analyst

Headshot of Peter Gallagher

Peter Gallagher

Senior Analyst, Principal Gifts & Strategic Initiatives

Headshot of Audrey Glynn

Audrey Glynn, Ph.D.

Clinical Translation Program Manager

Headshot of Yulia Golubovskaya

Yulia Golubovskaya, M.S.

Financial Officer

Headshot of Hope Henderson

Project Co-Lead

Hope Henderson, Ph.D.

Communications Strategist

Headshot of Maya Kostman

Maya Peters Kostman

Science Illustrator

Madalyn Lesman

Madalyn Lesman, M.A.

Project Manager

Jessica Lyons IGI, UC Berkeley

Jessica Lyons, Ph.D.

Partnerships and Translation Manager

Erica Moehle

Erica Moehle, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Headshot of Andy Murdock

Andy Murdock, Ph.D.

Communications Director

Kristy Nordahl

Kristy Nordahl

Administrative Operations Manager

Headshot of Carolyn Sherry

Carolyn Sherry, M.B.A.

Project Manager

Headshot of Clarice Souza

Clarice de Azevedo Souza, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Lea Witkowsky

Lea Witkowsky, Ph.D.

Policy and Engagement Manager


Headshot of Chloe Annand

Chloe Annand

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Headshot of George Austin

George Austin, M.S.

Research Associate

Alisha Brooke Baldwin

Alisha Brooke Baldwin

Research Associate

Headshot of Nicole Brennick

Nicole Brennick

Research Associate

Myeong-Je Cho

Myeong-Je Cho, Ph.D.

Director and PI of Plant Genomics and Transformation Facility

Headshot of Regine Ecaruan

Regine Ecaruan

Research Associate

Headshot of Barbara Sade Perez Escareno

Barbara Sade Perez Escareno

Research Associate

Headshot of Andrew Fernandez

Andrew Fernandez

Clinical Laboratory General Supervisor

Headshot of Ethan Jamie Gardner

Ethan Jamie Gardner

Research Associate

Baljeet Gill

Baljeet Gill, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Headshot of Michael Hunter Green

Michael Hunter Green

Research Associate

Headshot of Luz Hilario

Luzminda Hilario, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Headshot of Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones, B.S.

Lab Manager

Photo of Netravathi Krishnappa

Netravathi Krishnappa, M.Sc.

NGS Core Operations Manager

William Moon

William Moon

Research Associate

Headshot of Marta Ortega

Marta Ortega

Lab Operations Research Associate

Headshot Emily Pearlman

Emily Pearlman

Research Associate

Headshot of Viviana Salinas-Rios

Viviana Salinas-Rios, M.S.

Research Associate

Korey Sop

Korey Sop

Research Associate

Iman Sylvain

Iman Sylvain, Ph.D.

Policy Analyst Project Manager

Headshot of Anna Vardapetyan

Anna Vardapetyan

Undergraduate Research Associate

Headshot of Linda Vo

Linda Vo, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator, Center for Translational Genomics

Gabrielle Wright

Gabrielle Wright

Research Associate

Elaine Zhang

Elaine Zhang, M.S.

Research Associate

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