Our Staff

Our staff performs day-to-day operations for the IGI, including administrative and research support.


Headshot of Pattie Altizio

Pattie Altizio

Executive Assistant to Jennifer Doudna

Headshot of Melanie Leavitt Cantarutti

Melanie Leavitt Cantarutti

Chief of Staff

Headshot of Kevin Doxzen

Kevin Doxzen, Ph.D.

Science Communications Specialist

Headshot of Yulia Golubovskaya

Yulia Golubovskaya, M.S.

Financial Officer

Headshot of Hope Henderson

Hope Henderson

Science Writer

Headshot of Ariana Hirsh

Ariana Hirsh

Lab Operations Manager

Headshot of Megan Hochstrasser, PhD

Megan Hochstrasser, Ph.D.

Science Communications Manager

Headshot of Maya Kostman

Maya Kostman

Science Illustrator

Headshot of Mara McClellan

Mara McClellan

Senior Director of Development

Headshot of Kristy Nordahl

Kristy Nordahl

Administrative Operations Manager

Headshot of Marta Ortega

Marta Ortega

Lab Operations Research Associate

Headshot of Clarice Souza

Clarice de Azevedo Souza, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Witkowsky Headshot

Lea Witkowsky, Ph.D.

Project/Policy Analyst


Headshot of Myeong-Je Cho

Myeong-Je Cho, Ph.D.

Director and PI of Plant Genomics and Transformation Facility

Headshot of Baljeet Gill

Baljeet Gill, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Headshot of Luz Hilario

Luzminda Hilario, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Headshot of Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones

Research Associate

Headshot of Xiuli Shen

Xiuli Shen, Ph.D.

Associate Specialist

Headshot of Jaclyn Tanaka

Jaclyn Tanaka

Lab Manager

Headshot of Michelle Tjahjadi

Michelle Tjahjadi, M.S.

Associate Specialist

Headshot of Dominick Tucker

Dominick Tucker

Research Associate

Headshot of Stacia Wyman

Stacia Wyman, Ph.D.

Senior Genomics Scientist

Headshot of research associate Elaine Zhang

Elaine Zhang, M.S.

Research Associate

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